Every adult knows that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t begin and end with exercise. It also involves making the right decisions about diet, sexual activity, the use of alcohol and tobacco, and hundreds of other decisions that we all make every day.

As our students mature, they face some of the same decisions. That’s why BVSD is focused on comprehensive health education that helps children ask important questions, engage in difficult conversations, and make complicated decisions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a comprehensive Health Education is one that:

  • Teaches essential knowledge
  • Shapes personal values to inform behaviors and decision-making
  • Shapes group norms that promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Develops skills necessary to adopt, practice, and maintain health enhancing behaviors

And we believe, it also deepens the relationships within a student’s life.

Family Connections

All of our Health classes encourage students to engage in discussions with their families at home to talk about the food they eat, the temptations they face, and the way their own view of themselves changes as they grow older. Conversations that emerge from classroom discussions may enter territory concerning a family’s values and beliefs. Our hope is that students will use the information they encounter in the classroom to inform their own value and belief systems, with help from parents and guardians.

If you’re concerned about the content of BVSD’s health education curricula, you can ask that your child be removed from the program by completing one of the forms at the bottom of this page.

Community Connections

BVSD’s Health curricula discusses a number of challenges that may be facing students or their peers, and that often includes inviting community experts to share their knowledge. If students recognize that they need guidance outside of the classroom, or if they realize a friend may be coping with a difficult situation, they need to know how to access the appropriate resources. To the extent possible, BVSD works with local organizations that can provide students with medically accurate and research-based information.
Read more about Approved Health Presenters and Community Resources

Do you have important information to share with BVSD’s students?

To ensure that our students receive the most current and accurate health information, BVSD approves all resources and presenters before introducing them to our students. If you’re interested in becoming an approved presenter, complete the Application for BVSD Health Education Speaker/Community Resource and submit it for review by the Health Education Curriculum Council. Previously approved presenters/resources are required to submit an annual renewal application before they are approved for the next school year.

Teachers: Looking to invite an approved speaker to talk to your class?

A list of all approved Health Education Speakers, their topics, and a brief description of the health standards and grade level are available here.