BVSD Health and Physical Education BVSD Health and Physical Education

Why it Matters

Exercise and academics are lifelong investments. We believe that it is important to provide our students with excellent programming in both. Student achievement begins with a happy and healthy child. Healthy and active students are more successful in school and in life.

Decision Making and Risky Behaviors

A comprehensive health education allows students to gain information and practice skills that can impact lifelong habits. Decision-making, avoiding risky behaviors and situations, taking care of their body, and understanding how consequences may impact their goals are aspects of a comprehensive health education.

Learn more about the connection:

  • Read the full CDC Survey: National Youth Risk Behavior
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  • Read the CDC Fact Sheet: Health-Risk Behaviors and Academic Achievement
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Stress Management and Anxiety

Regular physical activity can reduce stress and anxiety in students. Some studies show that it can even reverse the damage that has been caused by stress. It can alleviate depression or sad thoughts by increasing blood flow to the areas of the brain that combat negativity. Exercise also helps increase self-esteem and body image, even without significant changes to your body. Endorphins are released during vigorous and intense exercise and can actually create feelings of euphoria.

Concentration, Memory, and Retention

The chemical benefits of exercise also have a positive impact on learning. This includes concentration, memory and the ability to perform complex tasks. Even 10 minutes of physical activity shows improvement; the longer and the more rigorous the exercise, the stronger the impact. Studies show an increase, not only in short-term memory retention, but also in long-term memory. An investment now can have lifelong benefits.

  • Read the full CDC paper: The Association between School-Based Physical Activity, Physical Education and Academic Performance.
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  • Read the report by the California Healthy Kids: Making the Connection: Health and Student Achievement.
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